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Project Management

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Homeowners often hire Chris Tebbutt as Project Manager to expertly act on their behalf throughout any remodeling project, no matter the size or complexity.

With a degree in Architecture from Cal Poly, SLO, and experience on the design side of several real estate development projects, Chris as Project Manager becomes essential to any remodeling project from contracting to design reviews to construction to sale. He represents your best interests throughout the entire project. Once completed, if the remodeled property is to go on the market, Chris provides expert representation backed by the incomparable marketing resources of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices.

Key responsibilities:

  •   Represent you in search, selection and contracting of architects, designers and contractors
  •   Represent you in the design review board process
  •   Represent you in quality review of design documents and construction
  •   Maintain and organize all your documents including contracts, plans, permits and invoices

There are significant benefits gained by hiring Chris as your Project Manager:

1  Communication: Facilitates communication between you and key team members, preventing costly delays and miscommunications.

2  Cost Savings: Provides you with 20+ years of expertise that ensures fair pricing, efficient methods and materials, minimized cost overruns and change orders.

3  Time: Relieves you of the extensive and stressful time commitment demanded of every remodeling process, allowing you to be engaged and informed without being overwhelmed.

4  Documentation: Organizes and maintains all drawings and documentation required throughout the remodeling process.

5  Translation: Easy translations of construction industry terminology and drawings for you to understand and successfully negotiate contracts.

6  Turn-key: One-stop solution for remodeling before you sell or after you buy property.

7  Relationships: Informed recommendations for the most appropriate pre-qualified designers, architects, contractors and other consultants best suited for the project.

8  Budget: Maintains a comprehensive project budget, including hard and soft costs, and tracking of all project related expenses.

9  Schedule: Maintains a comprehensive master project schedule, including key milestones from all consultants and vendors.

10 Quality: Represents your best interests regarding quality of all design, documentation, construction, and finishes.