Stone has long been a foundation of architecture and design.

Traditionally a rustic element, new designs from Eldorado Stone are refining manufactured stone veneer to fit into any design style. Architects and designers are seeking monochromatic colors and a variety of textures and shapes to complement today’s more modern designs. Stone veneer is the perfect element to transform an interior or exterior design by creating accent walls, focal points or entire sections of a design to achieve the appearance of a natural stone structure.

Each color and stone profile from Eldorado Stone is designed to transform ordinary spaces into rich environments layered in color and texture. Traditional designs commonly utilize stone shapes such as long ledgestones or squares and rectangles to pull a space together. Some popular manufactured stones in these shapes include Eldorado Stone’s RoughCut, Cliffstone, and Stacked Stone.

The current modern design trend requires long linear lines with minimal interruptions to the space. Traditional manufactured stone portrayed a more traditional and rustic appearance. The recent introduction of the Modern Collection from Eldorado Stone has changed this tradition. Six new stone profiles lead the way in modern stone design with saw cut edges, smooth and textured faces, and a monochromatic color palette.

The addition of stone to a modern design adds color, texture and drama. The stone color can contrast the surrounding elements to create focal points or complement them to guide the flow of the space. Create a calming environment with the new Longitude24 or Latitude30, with large smooth surfaces, subtle texture and monochromatic colors. Use texture to create a statement with Vantage30 in Stormcloud, a gentle textural surface with long linear lines in a charcoal gray. Adding a more dramatic texture to a space can add depth and visual interest while breaking up smooth flat surfaces.